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Detailers 10H Graphene Coating - Professional Use Only

Detailers 10H Graphene Coating - Professional Use Only

Introducing the Detailers 10H Graphene Coating, a high-tech solution for car protection, but meant for the pros! This special coating is like armor for your car, shielding it from scratches, sun damage, and dirt. With its super tough 10H hardness rating, it keeps your car looking brand new for ages.

Though pros usually handle it, don't fret – with a little care, even DIY enthusiasts can use it. Just follow the instructions, and you'll get that professional shine right in your own garage!

Upgrade your car care routine with the Detailers 10H Graphene Coating. It's the secret weapon for keeping your ride gleaming and protected for years to come. Whether you're a pro detailer or just love tinkering with your car, this coating is a must-have. Say hello to long-lasting shine and protection with this amazing DIY Car Ceramic Coating Kit!

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About the Product

Introducing the DIY Car Ceramic Coating Kit! This scratch-resistant paint protective coating forms a thin, super-hard layer that's glossy and makes your vehicle a breeze to clean. Suitable for all bikes, motorcycles, and cars, it shields your ride from environmental damage and scratches caused by improper cleaning. Unlike temporary wax or oil-based coatings, this is a permanent solution that lasts much longer, keeping your vehicle looking brand new and shiny. Whether you're driving an old favorite or a brand-new beauty, this ceramic coating is perfect for upgrading your car care routine and giving your vehicle the long-lasting protection and shine it deserves.

Why you should add to cart?

Adds a super thin and 10H Hard transparent Layer to the vehicle's paint for protection against Scratches, Weather and Harsh Treatment.
The chemical composition of this coating provides super extreme Gloss and Hydrophobicity. Repels water and Dust.
This coating lasts upto 700 washes ( 7 years ) on single application

What's in the box?

50ml 10H Graphene Coating Bottle + Applicator Pad and Cloth

How to Apply?

This is for Professional Use only as the coating gets hard when applied. Need professional tools.

Where to Apply?

Painted Panels and Alloy Wheels

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The shortest skin care routine for your car with INSTANT results!

  • Best Automotive Ceramic Coating


    Wrap the applicator cloth around the applicator pad such a way, that sponge and cloth are on the same side.

  • Best Automotive Ceramic Coating


    Shake the bottle, and apply ceramic coating drop by drop on the cloth so that the cloth is completely wet.


    Apply coating horizontally, then vertically for complete, even coverage.

  • Best Automotive Ceramic Coating


    Apply in criss-cross pattern with wet cloth, adding drops as needed. Swap cloth if it hardens to prevent scratching.

  • Best Automotive Ceramic Coating


    After coating, wait for 60 seconds. Wipe with microfiber cloth to remove residue, re-wipe if needed.

  • Best Automotive Ceramic Coating


    Move on to the next panel. Proceed to apply on to the next panels the same way and cover the whole vehicle.


One should always be able to see a reflection of their true selves on their car


So easy, your 10 year old could do it. Even though he shouldn't.


All weather protection, guaranteed to last 2 years.


the Motorprotek treatment