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The Ultimate Guide to Diy Ceramic Coating: Tips, Tricks and techniques

If you are a car enthusiast, you must have heard about Ceramic Paint Protection. Ceramic Coating is the hottest selling protection paint in the world these days. Ceramic Coatings are applying on vehicles to protect them against scratches, corrosion, Ultra Violet rays and other surrounding factors. But it is not easy to coat a car with professional ceramic coating for everyone because the costs of a professional are so high. So here we described a complete DIY Ceramic Coating method, which will help you to save money and coat your car with ceramic paint easily.

DIY ( Do It Yourself) Tips and Techniques

If you are a car enthusiast and you want to protect your car from scratches, corrosion and surrounding factors, you have to take Ceramic Coating protection on your car. It protects your car’s exterior surface and enhances the longevity of paint. 

Charges of Ceramic Coating of  professional Car Detailers are very high. You can save money by DIY Ceramic Coating Kits. Here we disguised some important tips, tricks and technologies to do Ceramic Coating by yourself.

Washing is the primary step to prepare a vehicle for coating. Start with a wash to clean dirt and dust particles from the surface. Use a clay bar to terminate dust and dirt contaminants for smoothness. After washing the dry surface of the exterior body where to apply Ceramic Coating.

Apply ceramic coating on the surface with dividing area of surface in small sections to even cover up and avoid streaks and dirt.

By using minimal coating material section wise, apply thin layers to prevent building layers.

Use a microfiber towel to  immediately clean buff of excess paint, once excess paint solidifies on the surface it will not be easy to remove.

Ceramic coating should be done in a close area with moderate temperature to prevent the paint from drying properly.

Keep your coated surface clean with gentle washes with the use of ph natural shampoo to save the coatings longevity.

We should take care properly by using recommended maintenance products to avoid damage to the coated surface.

By following the given tips we can achieve good results by using DIY Ceramic Coating.

After completion of the coating process, an inspection is necessary to check any missed areas.

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