Once the base preparation is done, Applying Motorprotek DIY Ceramic Coating is a simple procedure.

Despite what some coating manufacturers wish to say, a product doesn't have to be difficult to apply to be good.

Here are some basics to keep in mind when applying Motorprotek Ceramic Coating

  • Work in a well ventilated area
  • If applying outdoors, do not apply in direct sunlight or with a strong wind
  • Make sure the autobody surface is cool
4. Have a flashlight on hand to inspect the coating
  • Add drops as needed to keep the applicator damp and smooth on application The coating will self level.
  • Drying times are suggested Use them as a guide not an exact recipe. In particular; warm or humid weather will reduce times.
  • Substitute cloths or towels if any coating hardens on them
  • We recommend that you use a protective mask & gloves during application

Failure to follow the above instructions may cause unexpected results. So please follow the instructions carefully. We recommend you to test it in a small area before applying the entire vehicle. Please make a note that you're using a potent chemical, which was only available for detailers. It's your responsibility to apply it appropriately. Don't worry, you can always remove the coating by applying the rubbing compound (Available on local market).

What do you need for Ceramic Coating Application?



Follow the following steps below by applying 1 panel at a time. In case of a big Panel like bonnet, you can divide it into 2-4 sections.


1) Wrap the applicator cloth around the applicator pad such a way, that sponge and cloth are on the same side.

2) Shake the bottle, and apply ceramic coating drop by drop on the cloth so that the cloth is completely wet.


3) Apply the coating first horizontally, and then vertically to ensure that the surface is coated completely and no part is left and application is even”

4) Continue to apply in a plus minus (criss cross pattern) so that the section is completely covered”. Ensure that cloth is wet. Apply drops if required. Change the cloth if it becomes hard midway to avoid scratches.

 5) Once the coating is done over one panel or section, wait for 1-2 minutes (1 minute for hot and mild weather and 2 minutes for cold weather) and wipe on with a microfiber cloth lightly and ensure no residue is left. Once coated, inspect for residue once again and wipe if required.

6) Move on to the next panel. Proceed to apply on to the next panels the same way and cover the whole vehicle.

Once the vehicle is fully coated, wait 1 hour. You may add one additional layer to the complete vehicle for better results and shine.


Once the vehicle is fully coated, inspect the vehicle thoroughly for any residue (high spots) left. You may check the same with a flashlight or looking it angles in a shade outdoors. In case you find something like that, apply the coating over it and instantly buff it intensely with a microfiber cloth to remove it.


After the complete application, ceramic coating needs at least 4 hours to dry. Avoid dust and touching the same. Post this; Ceramic Coating would be dry enough to touch but not fully cured.
Post drying, you may park the vehicle in Sun or Heat for 12-18 hours to speed up the curing process. Complete crystallization of the coating takes upto 3 to 7 days depending upon the weather. Avoid water for at least 60 hours post the application is done.

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