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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying Ceramic Coating at Home |

Ceramic Coating has achieved popularity as an effective way to protect a vehicle’s exterior from various surrounding contaminants and maintain its glossy appearance for a long time. Basically, ceramic coating is a liquid polymer applied to the exterior surfaces of a car. Once cured, it gains a transparent, protective layer that bonds with the vehicle’s paint, providing resistance against scratches, UV rays, dust, dirt, and other elements. 

The Ceramic Coating protection layer enhances the car’s shine and makes it easy to clean. However, despite its benefits, there are common mistakes when applying ceramic coating, compromising the effectiveness of the Car Ceramic Coating and leading to lousy results at the end.

Lack in Surface Preparation

Lack of surface preparation is a critical error in Car Ceramic Coating application. Failure in washing, and cleaning of the exterior surface of the car may be harmful and can reduce durability of Ceramic coating.

Failure to Level or Buff

Not in a good way smoothing out or buffing the ceramic coating can leave spots which spoil the look. If this happens, you should need extra efforts like polishing to remove these rough.

Insignificant Cure Time

Ceramic Coating is a time taken process. It may vary from vehicle to vehicle depending on their condition. Not giving enough time during applying ceramic coating will not stick well to the car's paint.

Over- Application

Applying more than sufficient quantities of ceramic coating can be harmful for the surface of the car. It may cause unwanted spots and streaks. It is important to use a sufficient quantity of ceramic coating.

Applying in Direct Sunlight or High Temperature

Applying ceramic coating in direct sunlight or high temperature can affect shine. Ceramic coating dries too quickly, and can leave ugly spots and streaking. Besides, heat can make polymer liquid harder.

Applying On Contaminated Surface

Applying ceramic coating on contaminated surfaces may cause scratches and streaking. If you want a good finish and shine then you should decontaminate the surface properly, clean and use a clay bar.

Incomplete Coverage

Incomplete coverage of surface during ceramic coating leaves part of the car unprotected and allowing for various damages. This unprotected part seems different and unusual.

Skipping Surface Correction

If you skip surface correction before applying ceramic coating dust, dirt and imperfections stay hurdle. It means ceramic coating will not bond well with the surface. It counts compromise with protection, it will remain a weakness with protection.

Ignoring Manufacture Guidelines

It must follow the manufacturers guideline before taking ceramic coating treatment. These guidelines  tell you how to prepare your car, what product will be beneficial and what you should not use. 

Improper Maintenance After Application

Improper maintenance after ceramic coating can reduce protection life of coated surfaces. People think that we are free from regular care after ceramic coating. They think ceramic coating is a panacea to protection. No doubt it works as a panacea but it is completely wrong to think because Ceramic coating protects only paint and shine but not from regular dust, dirt and grime. If you want a long life of a car you have to be vigilant about your vehicle.


If you're a car enthusiast you should avoid these common mistakes to get good results after ceramic coating. You have to be aware of the protection of your car. If you don't know how to protect your car, you should contact Professional detailers. They are experts of vehicles and know everything about car protection.
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