Ceramic Coating : Truth Unveiled!

Ceramic Coating : Truth Unveiled!

Ceramic Coating is the hottest selling protection paint in the world these days. Ceramic Coatings are applying on vehicles to protect them against scratches, corrosion, Ultra Violet rays and other surrounding factors. Ceramic coating also known as glass coating and quartz coating is semi permanent type coating.

Auto ceramic Coating is a complicated process.  Coating needs special care in order to gain consistent finish. Auto Ceramic coating is a time taken process. It can vary from vehicle to vehicle depending on their size and condition. Car Ceramic Coating has extremely great protection of the painted surface. Coating a car not only increases the life of the paint of the car but also provides a surprisingly shiny appearance.

Science and Technology Behind Ceramic Coating

It is a liquid polymer. It mainly consists of a Resin. Resin gains a hard, hydrophobic & shine Properties. With resin it also consists of a solvent.

The most commonly used resin for a ceramic coating is Silicon dioxide( Sio2). Silicon Dioxide is a primary component used in the production of glass. Therefore ceramic coating is also known as glass coating or liquid coating.The Silicon Dioxide melts, and is brought into a liquid form, that is mixed with the solvent. That's Why when you buy ceramic coating from the market, you get a bottle that is a mixture of silicon dioxide and solvent.

The purpose of solvent is to make sure that the silicon dioxide persists in the liquid state. Without the liquid state of Silicon Dioxide, it will not be possible to apply coating on the car.

Benefits of Auto Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating Car is a process that coats a car's exterior surface with a solidified ceramic material. Ceramic coating protects the car from corrosion, scratches and environmental factors. The main goal of ceramic coating is to provide a protective layer that guards the exterior surface of a car's paint. Auto coating enhances the vehicle’s shine and preserves its value.

This solution not only saves the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle but also extends the longevity of its exterior surface. Auto Motive Ceramic Coating provides superior protection against various damaging factors. Auto coating formed a hard layer over the paint.One of the most enticing advantages of auto ceramic coating is ease of maintenance. Its hydrophobic qualities make it difficult to store dirt, dust and grime. Its hydrophobic quality reduces the need for regular washing.A high quality ceramic coating much longer than traditional waxes.

How does It Apply

If you are not aware of the application process, you should contact an expert. They will help you to install it on the vehicle's surface. Experts have significant equipment to install it easily.

Applying Auto Coating to a car involves a multiple step process. First the vehicle is thoroughly washed, clean and decontaminated with the help of a claybar to remove impurities from the painted surface. 

Next step is paint correction. It  performs to eliminate scratches, swirl marks. Once the surface is ready for coating, The coating starts to apply. After completion of the coating process, an inspection is necessary to check any missed areas.

Coating process should be performed in a controlled environment to avoid dust and dirt particles.

How to Identify which Ceramic coating is better

It is quite difficult to identify better ceramic coating, because there are many versions available in the market. It can easily be based on the following factors. Measures its hardness level, a higher hard level determines better scratches resistance. Ssses longevity better, containing offers long time protection. 

Look at ease of applying, some coatings require professional application, while others are DIY- friendly. Read reviews given by customers and testimonials to measure effectiveness and customer satisfaction. 

Besides it, reputable brands often provide warranties to boost confidence in their product. By comparing these factors, you can define which Ceramic coating best suits your requirements.

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