Car Paint Protection Film

Car Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Welcome to our ultimate guide to Paint Protection Film. If you are a car enthusiast or if you want to achieve your car’s showroom shine, then Car PPF is a must for you. Cars are a significant investment of our savings, so everyone wants to protect their car from every road obstacle. Paint Protection Film is like safeguarding your car’s paint. In this Ultimate Guide to Paint Protection Film blog, we tried to cover everything which you need to know about PPF.

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint protection film is a thin layer of thermoplastic urethane that is actually a type of plastic with flexible and durable quality. It is available in the market in the form of transparent roll. It is applied to the exterior of Vehicles to protect them from scratches, stone chips and abrasions. PPF works as a protection barrier against corrosion surrounding natural factors. PPF Coating for Car saves itself from minor damages. A quality PPF has self healing and hydrophobic properties. Paint Protection Film preserves the appearance of the vehicle and enhances the resale value.

Installation of PPF

Installation of Car Paint Protection Film is an intricate process. It is done in multiple steps by expert technicians of PPF. In the first step of PPF installation we wash the vehicle’s interior and exterior to clean the surface. Thoroughly washing is a primary step for each type of coating. We wash the car thoroughly with the use of Ph-neutral shampoo or soap. 

After washing the exterior surface we use a clay bar to remove contaminants that remain during washing the surface. Use of a clay bar ensures clean and smoothness of the surface of the car. We need to prepare a dry and clean surface while installing the PPF. 

After following the cleaning process we start measures of each part of the surface and PPF cutting. Always use a sharp knife while cutting PPF. Pay attention during cutting Because oversize cutting PPF opens sides and corners that offer dirt and dust which may be harmful for the car's protection. Use Ph-neutral soap solution to fix the position of the film. We should remove bubbles with the help of a squeegee. Professionals use heat to stretch and mold the film to fit the exterior of the car. 

After completion of installation an inspection is necessary to check bubbles and any missed areas.

Paint Protection Film offers exceptional protection for your car’s paint and ensures it stays looking new and showroom shine.

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