It is important to take a proactive role in maintaining the pristine aesthetic condition of your vehicle. Coated vehicles are much easier to maintain, especially since you will not need to
 frequently clay, polish, or wax the paint in order to keep it protected from

Avoid washing with soap for the first 5-7 days. Avoid automatic car washes

The ideal method to maintain your coating will be to wash it every 2 weeks using the '2 bucket' method.

  • Pre-rinse entire vehicle with water
  • Utilize the 2-bucket method. This entails having 1 bucket of fresh water and 1 bucket of soapy water (soap must not have any waxes or protectants in the soap)
  • Using a clean soft Microfiber cloth, dip microfiber towel in the soapy bucket and wash vehicle from the top down. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the cloth in the clean water bucket after washing each panel This will eliminate cross-contamination.
  • Rinse the soap from the vehicle with fresh water
  • Using soft microfiber towels, dry your vehicle. We have COMBO offers available on professional grade Microfiber cloths.

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